Our centre is located at Whitebridge just south of Newcastle at the junction of Dudley and Bullsgarden roads and housed in the Uniting Church building. 

It is our guiding principle that we offer a path to wellness for all who seek it. 

We are all individual, and because of this our paths to wellness may take many different routes depending upon our health, interestes and abilities.

Our centre aims to meet those varied needs by providing a program of events and therapies that are helpful, informative, enjoyable and satisfying.

WWC is an initiative of Charlestown and Garden Suburb Congregations of the Uniting Church in Australia

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The Management Team 

David Sumner 

It is interesting to look at our path through life and see the twists and turns that have happened, and a big part of that journey is dependent upon our health - and sometimes the lack of it.

Most of my working life in England was spent in foundries and heavy engineering which is a complete contrast to the fresh air and relaxed life now enjoyed in Australia.

Since leaving my job as an Engineering Manager I have followed the path of a Holistic Therapist which I studied before coming to Australia. During the past 19 years I have seen what can be achieved by looking at health and wellness from a holistic perspective that embraces our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual self.

It is a privilege to be part of the Whitebridge Wellness Centre.

Rev. Tom Stuart - B Soc Sc, B Th, Grad Dip Sc (Mental Health)

As a minister of the Uniting Church in AustraliaI see the Whitebridge Wellness Centre as encouraging people of diverse backgrounds to join together to address a central human aspiration - wellness.

My training is in sociology, psychology and theology and more recently I obtained a graduate diploma in mental health and training as a spiritual director. I have particular interests in the Enneagram, Male Spirituality, Myers Briggs, Yoga, and the development of spiritual practices including meditation.

I have a long time interest in healing. It probably arises out of a lengthy history of chronic and acute migraine. In the absence of any cure I seek ways to live meaningfully, and fully, and as pain free as possible. This has led me down many pathways of healing and wholeness that have benefits well beyond the chronic migraine condition.. The Wellness Centre is my way of supportring others as they seek their own wellness.